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Customer survey sent after purchase part 1/3: Create the survey

Task: Automatically send customer survey after an opportunity is won
Difficulty: Medium
Time to implement: 1-2 hours


  1. Creating the survey
  2. Configuring the email template
  3. Integration

In this three-part blog series we’ll be looking at a scenario which I have implemented for a client where a car dealership selling a new car sends a survey post-purchase to a customer and asks about his experience with the purchase and how likely he will recommend the company to his friends.

In this first part we will start by creating the survey. The list of tools needed are listed below.


  • Dynamics 365 Sales: Once an opportunity record is closed as won in D365 Sales a survey is sent out.
  • Forms Pro: This is a survey tool which will be used to collect the responses from our customers. This product comes free with your Dynamics 365 license.
  • Power Automate: This is a service that allows us to manipulate when and where the surveys are sent to customers. To access the connectors you’ll need a Power Automate license.

Creating the survey

As previously stated, we’ll start by creating a survey using Forms Pro. Dynamics 365 Sales users can access Forms Pro through If the Forms Pro does not open, click My account -> Switch to Forms Pro.

  1. Under My forms tab, click New Pro Survey. A form editor appears.
  2. Give your survey a title and a description. This will appear on the survey that your customer will fill out.
  3. Click + Add new button and add a question. In this case we are going to use a Net Promoter Score question. You will find this by clicking the arrow on the right of the question type choices.
  4. Add any other questions you wish. In this case I am adding an additional question to ask the reason for the score given. I will leave it as an optional one.
  5. Once you are done, click Preview button to see how the form looks like.
Create a survey
Survey preview

You can also watch how this is done by checking out the video below:

In my next post I will be covering how an email template is configured in Microsoft Forms Pro for automatically sending out emails to customers.

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