Introducing Stirna

The first blog post is dedicated to the name chosen for my consultancy business and my webiste: ‘Stirna’. The word ‘stirna’ is an Icelandic verb. It translates as (to) glitter, twinkle or sparkle. As you may have guessed already it has a reference to a star (in Icelandic ‘stjarna’). Although not very commonly used in Icelandic, it is primarily used to describe natural phenomena during winter time.

In Iceland we have ice and snow in abundance. (So much actually that many Icelanders can’t identify with the climate change crisis as much as people in other parts of the world. But that is a different discussion). In special weather conditions when temperature suddenly drops well below freezing point and there’s humid in the air, everything freezes including the grass and the ground and it glitters when reflected by the moonlight or the sun. Also, in similar conditions in the nighttime when the sky is clear and the stars twinkle while the northern lights bounce over the northern hemisphere. ‘Stirna’ can be used to describe both the radiant star sky and the frozen ground.

A deer. Source: Wikipedia

‘Stirna’ is also a word in Latvian. It translates as deer. The fact that the word is not exclusive to Iceland and that it can easily be pronounced by both Icelanders and people from most countries, resonated with my vision for the business. Although Stirna is a consultancy with its roots in Iceland and its nature and culture (this explains the photographs used on this site), it has customers abroad and thus operates internationally.

I hope you like the name as well as I do.

By Stirna Consulting

Stirna Consulting is an IT consultancy, specializing in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications and Power Platform. On our website, you can find tips and tricks about how to leverage these applications for your business.

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