Our services include project management, development, consulting and training of Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Power Platform.

Project management

We have experience managing various projects from simple customizations of Dynamics 365 (CRM) to complex integrations between ERP and CRM. For example, working with clients integrating their website with CRM in order to better manage the engagement with customers and prospects systematically. Also, we managed integration between Outlook 365 with Dynamics 365 for Emergo to track all conversations and engagement with customers and leads in CRM. Furthermore, we have managed projects to develop bespoke solutions to digitize various paper-based processes.

Stirna emphasizes close collaboration with both management and end-users to ensure that the system behavior aligns with their expectations and that the customer experience is acceptable. This communication involves assessment of requirements and testing of features before releasing those features on to a production environment.


We have experience developing custom solutions for Dynamics 365 leveraging Microsoft’s powerful Power Apps development tools. When out-of-the-box features are not sufficient to meet a customer’s requirement, we have designed and developed custom solutions to meet those needs. Also, we customize Dynamics 365 processes and system entities for each customer because each customer has their unique requirements in terms of work processes and procedures.


We work with our customers and ask them critical questions about their current processes because there is always room for improvement. Digitalization involves optimization of paper-based processes but not simply replicating them in a system. Finding ways to automate and better procedures and processes is Stirna’s bread and butter. We listen to our customers and offer them strategic advice based on research from what has worked best for others in the Dynamics 365 community.


We offer complete services to our customers, including the training of end-users. Creating a custom solution is not the hardest part. Ensuring that users can efficiently perform the work expected of them in the system can sometimes be a challenge. This is where training comes in. Stirna’s approach to training is to train super users that are part of the project team responsible for the given system. For example, training a sales manager how the system works by involving this person in the work of identifying requirements and then testing the corresponding solutions.

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